Hi I’m Natalie!

Thank you for your interest in what I do. I am a natural  light aficionado, Colorado engagement, elopement, adventure photographer who specializes in stunning portraits, and breathtaking pull backs. .

Some fun facts about me:

I keep the Office on repeat.

I like to randomly burst into song when someone says a phrase that reminds me of one. “You can do it” …..PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT!

I’m pretty sure that I will leave this planet because I was admiring some beautiful stream of light and I’ll walk right off a cliff.

I  once accidentally smashed a toilet during an interview at an office.

I have three crazy kids, who are so lovely and so crazy. They’re also hilarious. Currently, my youngest will walk really slow in the morning, and when you try and get him to hurry up he will yell “HOLD ON I AM LOADING!”

I eat the whole burger at a restaurant.

I also work out every single day, do you see the connection?

I love emotion.

I love laughter.

I love traveling.

I love capturing the moments you don’t see happening before your very eyes.

I met my boyfriend at ChicK-Fil-A asking him if he was gonna use the rest of that Chick-Fil-A Sauce. It was totally smooth and love at first dip.

Creek and Tree is an award winning Denver engagement, elopement, and Wedding photography company who has been featured in numerous publications.  I am an artist at heart and I am addicted to capturing moments between people, I carefully watch for those special interactions you don’t even know are happening, which is reflected in the way I photograph.   When you book a session with me, I pour my soul into creating custom artwork for you. Your session will be all about connecting with each other and the end product will be memories you hold dear to your heart forever.